Murmures de Val d'Isère

Behind the scenes

The podcasts detail the story behind the creation of the resort, recounted by the men and women who live and work there. Different themes cover a whole range of interesting topics that will bring the listener closer to Val d’Isère. This is a long-term research project in partnership with Radio TV Val d’Isère.

Each of the 10 podcasts is in an easy-listening format that lasts less than 10 minutes. You can listen to them via the Val d’Isère mobile app and the dedicated SoundCloud channel.

To emphasize their relevance they are presented by Benoit Launay, The Voice of Val d’Isère. Benoit is the founder and presenter of Radio Val d’Isère, which started back in the 1980s.


Where do you find bearded vultures? When did the village become a resort? How did Val d’Isère develop into an international sporting playground? Why is an eagle the village logo? Where, when, how? So many questions that lead us to delve into the past, the present, and the future of the most remote village in the Tarentaise.


  1. The birth of the resort
  2. A legendary resort made for champions
  3. Why is Val d’Isère’s emblem an eagle ?
  4. The secrets of the slopes
  5. Gastronomy
  6. Ski school
  7. Val d’Isère animals
  8. Why are some inhabitants of Val d’Isère called “the Chinese”?
  9. Val d’Isère … originally a summer resort
  10. Ski lifts history


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