Cabine la Daille Val d'Isère

Val d’Isère’s ski area boasts a network of ultra modern chairlifts. Val d’Isère Téléphériques is constantly investing, offering clients comfortable, modern and rapid systems to give them more precious minutes on the slopes. The Daille gondola lift is recent evidence of this desire to modernise the ski area, replacing a lift that was built back in 1966 and renovated in 1994.

The real benefit of the new Daille gondola lift is the quick access to the Tignes ski area via the Massif de Bellevarde. It now takes a mere 4.5 minutes (instead of the previous 9 minutes) to get to the top of the ski lift.

The system boasts Symphony 10 cabins created by the Italian designer Pininfarina (designer for Ferrari and Maserati), a first for France.



The larger interior provides panoramic views of the Forêt de la Daille and its “OK” competition run (link to another top pick), followed by the village of Val d’Isère as you gain height. You’ll really appreciate the heated seats and free WiFi inside the cabin if the weather’s bad.

Télécabine Daille



How do I get to it?
When you get to Val d’Isère, La Daille gondola lift is directly on your right. You can buy your pass at the new sales outlet at the departure station just before you board.

Our advice
Stop a minute to take in the panoramic views at the top. La Daille gondola lift arrival station has breath-taking views of Mont Blanc.

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