From 1966… to 2018

La Daille’s current POMA gondola lift, which travels above the OK (Oreiller Killy) run, was built in 1966 then renovated in 1994. It will be replaced in 2018, a major development in the “la Daille” area.

This summer, large-scale building work will begin on the sector, which is situated at the entrance to Val d’Isère: the “la Daille” 4-seater gondola lift will be replaced by a cutting-edge ski lift. Heated seats, more space inside, panoramic view, sliding doors… Each cabin will be able to accommodate 10 people at a time, taking the overall passenger transport rate up to 2,800 people an hour – compared to 933 today. The Etroits ski lift will also be removed. The total cost is 10 million euros.


A first in France

The “la Daille” gondola lift will be equipped with Symphony 10 gondolas, a first in France. Created by Italian designer Pininfarina (who also designed Ferrari and Maserati), these next-generation gondolas are sure to provide comfort and modernity. Thanks to the sliding doors, passengers sitting next to the door will no longer be annoyed by the opening mechanism.

In total, fifty 10-seater gondolas will make their way along the line, as well as a VIP gondola.

Cabine Daille Poma


What are the benefits ?

Previously, it would have taken around 9 minutes to get to the top of the la Daille gondola lift. From winter 2018/2019, you’ll save precious time on the slopes as the climb will take only 4 mins 30 seconds.

And environment-wise, 40 pylons will be removed in the la Daille sector under the remit of our Green Globe commitment.

Talking points

The future gondola lift will follow an identical route to the existing lift. Starting at 1,802 metres and going up to 2,294 metres, the “la Daille” gondola lift will still finish at La Folie Douce. It will also travel above the “OK” run, a legendary run in the Women’s Criterium of the 1st Snow.



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