Since fall 2016, the Val d’Isère + Tignes ski resort is the largest ski area in the world to be awarded with the Green Globe certification. Discover our commitments for a responsible resort.

Key dates

Val d’Isère Téléphériques has always been willing to integrate in its growth good societal and environmental values. Discover hereafter the key dates of our engagement :

– 2001 –
The company commits to ensuring the quality of customer service.

– 2003 –
ISO 9001 certification

– 2007 –
ISO 14001 certification, the first recognition of its sustainability engagement.

– 2009 –
Staff security is at the heart of its actions with the certification OHSAS 18 001

– 2014 –
Recognition of the efforts made to maintain control over the energy used with the ISO 50 001 certification

– 2016 –
Val d’Isère Téléphériques gathers all its efforts in one Societal and Environmental charter, approved by the Green Globe certification.



What is the Green Globe certification ?

Green Globe is an international certification program intended to encourage efforts made by tourism companies on social, economic, cultural and environmental fields.

It is the only referential in the tourism activity that is labelled sustainable environment and societal responsibility of the company and that is also common to all the actors of the industry.

Green Globe Saga

This winter, you’ll find on the resort a communication campaign presenting 10 of our main engagements on the following fields:

Landscape integration
Energetic intelligence
Fauna and flora protection





We love Val d’Isere, but could the resort do more to be eco friendly? The free buses are great but what fuel do they use? What powers the lifts and water cannons? The appartment we are staying in is lovely but the windows are single glazed – we will comment to the owner – but please encourage better insulation for all buildings!

Val d'Isère Téléphériques


Thank you for your comment. I invite you to read the article about our Snow Workshop, you will notice that our snow production respect the environment. Concerning the buses, since Fall 2019 they use a cleaner fuel. Also, we are still thinking about an alternative but due to weather conditions, it is quite difficult to use for example electric buses.
Concerning the appartments, we invited you to contact directly the owner.

Thank you for being concerned about the environment !
We hope to see you soon.


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