La Poste Lounge Val d'Isère

« 1, 2, 3… Solaise ! »

Le Lounge is filled with surprises. In A previous article, we explored Le Lounge’s picnic room, set an altitude of 2,500 metres at the top of the Solaise gondola. But did you know that you can also send a postcard from Le Lounge?

Just imagine… You’ve come in from the cold and are sipping a delicious hot chocolate whilst admiring the Solaise ski area as it glistens in the winter sun. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to share this moment with family and friends back at home?

As you get your mobile phone out to send a text message, you realise that sadly there is no network in Le Lounge.

So how else can you share this moment with your loved ones? Val d’Isère Téléphériques has found the perfect solution: simply buy a postcard and a stamp (international and national mail) at Le Lounge’s café. Sit down by the fireside and let yourself be inspired.

When you’ve finished writing (don’t forget to add the address and the stamp!), head to the ground floor and pop your postcard in our «La Poste» postbox.

And there you have it, you’ve sent your first postcard at an altitude of 2,500 metres!

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