Val d'Isère

The top of Grand Pré (2,715 metres) has to be one of the most amazing viewpoints in the Val d’Isère ski area. The huge plateau gives you a remarkable view of the Barmes de l’Ours Glacier, with the Pointe de la Sana peaking at 3,435 metres off in the distance.

It’s a peaceful place and is always in full sunshine, making it the ideal spot to take a photo of yourself with the giant Val d’Isère letters in the background, or you could just relax on one of the deck chairs.

How do I get to it?
Starting from the top of Bellevarde or the Borsat chairlift, head towards the Grand Pré chairlift. The plateau is at the top of the chairlift.

Our advice
The Grand Pré plateau is the ideal place to take a break while you’re out skiing for the day. In good weather, take your lunch with you and eat it at one of the picnic tables. Then all you have to do is admire the panoramic views!

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