Les Leissières

The Leissières detachable chairlift takes you over the Crête des Leissières, the 3,000-metre summit separating the Massif de Solaise from the Vallon de l’Iseran. It’s the only ski lift that allows you to switch from one range to another with ease.

The Leissières chairlift takes you to the top a bit like a roller coaster, treating you to more panoramic views. It’s a massive thrill when your seat goes over the pylons above the Crête and then you begin the descent and get out at the station.



How do I get to it?
Starting from Solaise: at the top of the Solaise gondola lift, take the “Lac-parc” run down to the start of the Glacier detachable chairlift. When you get to the top, follow the “Plan milet” blue run to the start of the Leissières chairlift.

Starting from Le Fornet: take Le Fornet cable car to the Vallon gondola lift. Then take the “Pont Abatte” blue run to the start of the Leissières chairlift.


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