Each one of the 3 mountain areas that make up the Val d’Isère resort has its own special characteristics. Adrenaline for Bellevarde, wildlife in Le Fornet and maximum sunshine over Solaise. Discover our 3 areas.



Take a seat on the newest Val d’Isere Téléphériques’ cable car. Heated seats, on-board Wifi, the 7 minute ride will only seems a few seconds while watching the village of Val d’Isere being drawn away. Once on the summit, have a look at the 360° panorama.

Peaking at 2550m, the Solaise massif is the sunniest area of the whole resort. It is famous for its slopes that even beginners can enjoy and it is the perfect spot for them to discover their first thrills of sledding or to practice their turns.

On the Solaise area, you can discover a kid-dedicated area next to the Poum magic carpet : the Sunny Ride slope, a fun slope to help kids learning the basics, as well as Val Kids, a play area to discover several job of the resort.





Go to the snow-front, at the Olympique cable car, to take your 6mn lift towards the Bellevarde ski-ing domain. This area is famous for its Olympic history and the Face of Bellevarde slope that offers a several kilometer long ride and serves as a frontier with  Tignes.

The Bellevarde boulder and the Charvet boulder are 2 impressives landmarks providing an extra  athletic sense to the descents.

On the hunt for a breathtaking viewing point? Go up to the Grand Pré summit and have a look over the “Parc de la Vanoise”. This winter, discover a new novelty in the resort: “Val d’Isere” giant letters ! Perfect for having your picture taken.




Le Fornet

The Fornet area offers the wildest aspects of the ski-ing area. It’s also the perfect spot for all the off-piste ski-ing lovers, looking for amazing slopes. Discover the Pissaillas glacier, 3428m high, on which you can ski in summer. At the summit, enjoy a wonderful view over the Mont Blanc mountain, as well as the “Parc de la Vanoise”.

The Fornet massif is linked to the Solaise area thanks to the Lessieres ski lift. This original ski lift can be ridden in both direction, and allows you to ‘fly’ over the Leissieres ridge. You can smoothly switch from one area to the other, whilst at the same time experience the exhilaration of a roller-coaster feeling.

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